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Cyber Monday Specials Won't Save The Rams' 2011 Season

Today is Cyber Monday, the web's premier shopping event for shut-ins and people who don't want to be pepper sprayed by rubes snatching $2 waffle makers at Wal-Mart. The St. Louis Rams are offering a Cyber Monday special of their own. After embarrassing fans and themselves in two consecutive home games, the Rams want you to return to the Ed Jones Dome on December 18 to celebrate Marshall Faulk and prevent Anheuser-Busch from having to prevent a blackout. 

For the low, low price of $28, you can get a ticket to the Rams week 15 tilt against the 7-4 Bengals along with a $10 voucher for food, which should cover one and a half of the several beers you'll need to understand the curious decisions of Head Coach Steve Spagnuolo. 

And, of course, the juxtaposition of Marshall Faulk and the Greatest Show on Turf era Rams with the current Big East-like team offers another layer to the narrative of the current state of affairs at Rams Park.