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Rams vs. Cardinals Recap: The Quick Five

Oh Boy. Yesterday's rematch against the Cardinals was no prettier than the first. I think any game against the Rams has come down to a checklist:

  • Do the Rams allow a special teams touchdown?
  • Do they allow a slightly above average rusher to look like Barry Sanders?
  • Brandon Lloyd scores.
  • Either Chris Long or Robert Quinn get a sack
  • Coaching futility

The quick five are after the jump (the arrows didn't work for me this week, but I think you'll be able to figure out the ups and downs from the grades).

Grade Name


Steve Spagnuolo, HC

You don't go for it on 4th and 1 in a critical moment of the game. It doesn't get much worse than that. The gaffe ending the first half? Also inexcusable. Am I taking crazy pills, or does it feel like this is Scott Linehan all over again? At least the team hasn't given up.


Nick Miller, WR

Welcome to the team Nick! I have to give it to the coaching staff. For every person they've blown drafting, they've found a suitable replacement on a practice squad somewhere. Whoever is doing this type of scouting is doing an EXCELLENT job.


Donnie Jones, P

Way to shank the ball Donnie. He said it's all his fault that Peterson returned it, so he gets the down arrow. Still, you think the team could tackle one guy. Peterson has four returns for touchdowns this year. Half of them are against the Rams.


Chris Long and Robert Quinn, DE

Good to know that the outside of the defensive line looks like it's ready to go. Robert Quinn has five sacks on the year, and Chris Long hit double digits for the first time in his career. If the Rams can find a good pass rusher for the inside (or add someone like Zach Brown), they could have a great pass rushing attack.


Brandon Lloyd, WR