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Rams Head Coach Steve Spagnuolo Still Looking For Answers; Sam Bradford Does Not Like The Boos

St. Louis Rams Head Coach Steve Spagnuolo offered a few post-game remarks following the Rams' collapse to the Arizona Cardinals. Frustration laced Spagnuolo's every word, as you might expect, and the coach seemed to have few answers for the team's struggles. 

Spagnuolo did offer his belief that a lack of effort from the players was not one of the Rams' problems on the field today. As angry as fans were to see the results of this game, most would tend to agree with the coach on that point. Effort rarely seems to be lacking. Answers are the only thing missing. Spagnuolo acknowledged that much, with his usual lack of clarity as to his team's struggles. 

The coach added, "my pride and my competitiveness says that no matter what, we gotta find a way to win." That seems to run counter to the some of the decisions the coach made today, notably the call to punt with four minutes left in the game and the Rams facing fourth-and-one. Spagnuolo defended that decision in his post-game remarks as well. 

Spagnuolo also added that he doesn't hear the boos from angry fans during the game. 

Some video of Spagnuolo's post-game comments after the jump, courtesy of 101 ESPN in St. Louis.


Quarterback Sam Bradford talked about the boos in his post-game remarks. 

It's frustrating. It drives me nuts. I understand they expect and want more out of us. I expect and want more out of this offense 10 times more than they do.

Uh, Sam, sorry if it drives you nuts, but it's not unheard of for fans to boo an inferior product on the field. Fans have been watching the Rams play losing football since you were in high school. One key difference, we're buying tickets, not getting paid $19 million this for a six touchdown season. 

Is it just me, or do the Rams seem a little out of touch with what's happening?