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Cardinals Vs. Rams: Brandon Lloyd Touchdown Grab

The St. Louis Rams have had few bright spots on offense this season. However, Brandon Lloyd has provided some much needed relief to a talent-starved group of wide receivers. He and Sam Bradford connected for another touchdown in the fourth quarter of the Rams game against the Arizona Cardinals today. That was Lloyd's fourth touchdown of the season, and his third consecutive game with a touchdown for the Rams.

Check out the video of Bradford to Lloyd for the score right here.

Bradford has looked much better today than in recent weeks. The stat sheet is not reflecting that very well, thanks to some more inconsistent wide receiver play. Gone, however, is the tentative looking Bradford that had been such a liability for the Rams in recent weeks. Not only that, his throws look much more accurate and have more than enough zip on them to make a difference.

The Rams could really use the win here, and it won't be easy.

Here's the video of Beanie Wells' 53-yard run after the Rams scored this touchdown.