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Cardinals Vs. Rams: Beanie Wells Tops 100 Yards

Arizona Cardinals running back Beanie Wells had struggled for yardage lately. He has topped the 100-yard mark just once this season. Today he already has 89 yards against the struggling St. Louis Rams, thanks in large part to this 71-yard breakaway run in the first quarter.

Take a look at the video right here.

Wells has five carries so far in today’s game. He is expected to get plenty more opportunities to carry the rock against the Rams today.

The Rams run defense is getting burnt on the edge today, but some of that is paying the price to disrupt John Skelton and the Arizona passing game. It's a trade off they seem willing to make. Though Bradford does look a little better today, a little more confident, the offense is still struggling, coming up short by a handful of yards when they need them.

Wells does deserve a little credit for his work today. He looks pretty explosive.