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Cardinals Vs. Rams: Game Thread

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Another game day is upon us, and the St. Louis Rams will be looking for a win in what looks like their last evenly-matched game on the 2011 schedule. They lost in overtime three weeks ago when these two teams met, thanks in part to some very questionable decision making, not the least of which was punting to Patrick Peterson in overtime.

The Cardinals' Twitter feed pointed out a disturbing statistic. Sam Rosen has been in the broadcast booth three times for Cardinals games, and each time Patrick Peterson has returned a punt for a touchdown. Rosen is in the booth today, along with Chad Pennington.

Head Coach Steve Spagnuolo and GM Billy Devaney have a lot riding on this game. They have six more games to convince owner Stan Kroenke not to find their replacements for the 2012 season.

This game was almost a blackout, but Busch/In-Bev bought enough tickets to salvage the local broadcast.

The Rams need a win, and are favored by three points. Please, Rams, get the win.

Go Rams!