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NFL Draft notes - afternoon college football open thread

  From the offensive explosion (Michigan-Ohio St.) to the defensive games (Tennessee-Kentucky), today's schedule of football has had plenty to digest early on. In the second run of games, there are four solid matchups worth checking out if you're looking for NFL talent (including one added to this week's watchlist):

 - Alabama at Auburn (CBS, 3:30pm): Ah, the Iron Bowl. Maker of memorable football moments, Harvey Updyke and some great NFL talent. Bama's defense is loaded with quality NFL prospects. And while the Tigers may not have the elite talent that grabs draft headlines, they're going to supply plenty of NFL players over the next two years.

 - Penn St. at Wisconsin (ESPN, 3:30pm ET): This may be the best game to catch Penn St. DT Devon Still, since he'll be facing some elite talent in the Wisconsin O-line (though C Peter Konz is still out).

 - Virginia Tech at Virginia (ABC/ESPN2, 3:30pm ET): I threw this one on the watchlist since I had yet to add either thus far. Definitely the cornerback scout's game with the Hokies' Jayron Hosely and Virginia CB Chase Minnifield both solid prospects.

 - Oregon at Oregon St. (ABC/ESPN2, 3:30pm ET): Speed and speed...and Oregon St. I know we've got some Beavers fans, sergey especially, so I'll lay off. But there's just not much NFL-level talent on the OSU roster right now. And between Oregon RBs LeMichael James and De'Anthony Thomas, the Ducks have serious burners to carry the ball.