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Random Ramsdom 11/25

Hey everybody!  I hope you all had a wonderful Thanksgiving.  The football yesterday was way better than it usually is.  The Packers showed the Lions why they are the defending Super Bowl Champs, the Cowboys barely avoided an upset by the Dolphins, and the Ravens beat the 49ers in the Harbaugh Bowl.  Let's get to the Rams and the links, shall we?

Mark Clayton to IR

The Rams decided to place Mark Clayton on IR yesterday.  It's clear that his knee wasn't in football shape after a horrible patella tendon tear last season.  Nick Miller was resigned to the squad today, and will likely have return duties on Sunday.

McDaniels defends his game plan

Jim Thomas had an article about how Josh McDaniels is trying to defend his game plan that came under heavy critism against the Seahawks.  He used an empty set on 28 of 62 plays.  The problem that people had with that, it that it took the Rams best player, Steven Jackson, effectively out of the game.  Another problem is it left the LT, Kevin Huges, who who replaced Mark LeVoir in the 2nd quarter after he picked up an injury, one and one with one of the best defensive ends in the division, Chris Clemons.  Needless to say, Clemons had a big day with 2.5 sacks.  McDaniels said, the Rams did try to run the ball, but they were having no success.  At some point you have to admit that it just isn't working.  He also said that they used a lot of empty set formations against the Packers, the game where they gained the most yards on the season (424).  The fact is, Josh is delusional if he thinks his offensive game plan has been even close to average this season.  The Rams are the worst offense in the league.  Defend that Josh!!

Another OL shuffle

The Rams are going with a new offensive line group this week, due to injury.  Adam Goldberg will go to LT, Jason Brown will be back in the fold at RG, and Harvey Dahl will be moving to RT.  Jacob Bell will be the only linemen playing the sam position he started the year at.  Time will tell if this move is good for the Rams and most importantly, Sam Bradford.

Kolb optimistic he will play

Kevin Kolb hope that Sunday will be his first game back for the Cardinals, since he picked up a Turf Toe injury against the Ravens.  He missed the first game against the Rams, and John Skelton took his place.  The Cardinals are hoping that Kolb can come back, because Skelton has proven to be ineffective at QB.  Right now, I would say it's 50-50 if he plays.

That's all for today.  Have a good one and GO RAMS!!