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St. Louis Rams Move Harvey Dahl To RT; Jason Brown To RG

The St. Louis Rams offensive line will look a little different this week. Injuries have decimated the unit, and the replacements struggled protecting quarterback Sam Bradford last week. To get some experience on the edges, the Rams will move right guard Harvey Dahl to the right tackle spot, Adam Goldberg to the left side, with Jason Brown replacing Dahl at right guard, according to KFNS

The move leaves Tony Wragge at center, who came in for a benched Jason Brown some time ago. Jacob Bell stays at left guard. Dahl has experience playing tackle; he did it in college and for a few reps during a stint with the San Francisco 49ers

Desperate times call for desperate measures, and the Rams are out of offensive tackles with third/fourth stringer Mark LeVoir on the shelf. They added Thomas Welch, a former Patriot, who was on the Bills' practice squad last week. 

Experience is the key with the new arrangement. Three of the five started on the offensive line when the season began; only Adam Goldberg and Tony Wragge were on the bench in week 1. Both of those players have significant experience. 

Sam Bradford, who has been sacked 31 times, will be hoping the new combo works.