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Thanksgiving Football Thread (UPDATED)

Happy Thanksgiving everyone. For once, the NFL gave us a good lineup of games to watch today, while we're all eating Turkey.

One game that is currently going on is the Packers vs. Lions. Right now it's 0-0, but I'm expecting some fireworks at the end of the game. Maybe the Lions can pull off an upset?

The next game is the Cowboys vs. Dolphins at 3:15. A couple of weeks ago, no one would want to watch this game, but the Dolphins have put on a string of wins and this should be a competitive game.

The last game will be the Ravens vs 49ers. This should be a game for the old school football fans, two good defenses, and offenses that can struggle. Plus, you have the two head coaches who are brothers, which puts another dimension on the game.

Well there you have it, a full slate of games for us to enjoy. Everyone have a great Thanksgiving.

(update from 3k at 7:50pm ET)

Tevin put up a general football thread and forgot the Texas-Texas A&M game? For shame. If you want to turn over to ESPN at 8pm ET, you can watch along...with this week's watchlist!