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Random Ramsdom: Turkey Day


   So you thought we got the day off? There is football today! I mean, what else are you supposed to do when you are "getting ready" to go to the family function? That's why TST is here! Be thankful for Tim Tebow these links:

  • Bernie at the Post-Dispatch looks at how much these injuries should factor into this whole 'coaching' debacle. Do they matter? Yes. Do the Rams still suck, regardless? Yes. You damn apologists...go watch Tim Tebow!
  • Marquis Johnson, IR...IR, Marquis Johnson. Seriously, how in the hell do you suffer a lacerated spleen? Is this even real? Pinch me please.
  • For anyone who wanted Trent Richardson to play for the Rams, you'll have to wait until 2013. What!? He's turning down millions for Alabama? MORALITY!? MADNESS!

       That's all for Turkey Day. Now go stuff yourself with food and watch football. GO RAMS!