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2012 NFL Draft: David DeCastro Cracking Top Ten Lists

It probably is still a little early, just a day before Thanksgiving, to write list in permanent ink of the top ten players in the 2012 NFL Draft. Nah, it's never too early to start talking draft. There is a name creeping onto early top ten prospects list that we will probably talk about plenty more between now and April. 

Stanford guard David DeCastro is listed on two very respectable top ten 2012 NFL Draft prospects lists. The gang over at NE Patriots Draft as well as NFL Draft Scout/CBS has DeCastro in their top ten lists, both in the tenth spot. Interestingly enough, they both have him over his fellow Stanford offensive lineman, tackle Jonathan Martin.

As we've said again and again on this site, positions not traditionally picked in the top ten are fair game this year thanks to the new labor agreement and the cap on rookie salaries. That begs the question, just how good is DeCastro?

Josh Norris of NFL Draft Scout, replied to my inquiry on Twitter yesterday with this:

He's ahead of Iupati, Watkins, and Pouncey's for interior OL prospects. Top 10 grade bc of instant, consistent, high play. 

He later compared him to Steve Hutchinson. That's good, real, real good, and Norris isn't the first person who I've heard say that about DeCastro. For some he's the second best offensive lineman in the draft, behind USC left tackle Matt Kalil, others have him as the third best lineman, behind Kalil and Iowa OT Riley Reiff. 

As for the Rams, guard is just one of the offensive line positions they need to fill in 2012. Depending on where they pick and who is available, I'd hope to see DeCastro on their draft board.