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MNF Photo Caption Contest Results: The Hoodie

Getty Images

  Yes! I've finally got the winner! This was not an easy thing for me, and I don't think I ever want to be the judge again. I narrowed it down to five people originally and I just could not choose a single one. There were tons of great entries and everyone did a good job on a weird picture of our very own Sam Bradford. Hit the jump to see some of my favorites and the winner.


If you remember correctly, this goes to the winner:


Runner Ups:

"Well... I vote we never talk about this game"


I think this is valid for any post-game pic of Sam Bradford.

"Sam: 'Don't even talk to me about special teams problems' "


I'm thinking this was a Patrick Peterson fueled jab...

"Colt, don't even bother. I can beat you in ping pong with my left hand"


Ping pong is the first trait all QB's under Pat Shurmur have shared. The second is losing.

"Why is Sam Bradford waving at me?"



A rare breed. One of the last failed Notre Dame QB's before the fall of the Weis Empire.


"Wait, there's a great disturbance in the force. Where's my ping pong paddle?!"



Comedic gold, at least to me.

Congratulations to everyone who entered, and good luck on all the future contests!

Sergey, please email Doug and he will take care of the prize for you.