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NFL Power Rankings Week 12: Rams Drop Into Bottom Three

Our very own 3k will have a more complete run down of the Week 12 NFL Power Rankings later today. For now, I thought it was worth taking a sneak peak at what the chattering classes are saying about the Rams following their week 11 loss to the Seattle Seahawks.

Hey, anyone else ever notice that the weeks are skewed on the NFL power rankings? Meh, I digress.

SB Nation released their power rankings today. They dropped the Rams from #29 to #30. Not really that much difference, but it does put the Rams firmly in the bottom three. I suspect that is a more generous assessment than others might make.

That closely matches their current spot in the order for the 2012 NFL Draft. Right now, the Rams are picking fourth overall. They get a strength of schedule tiebreaker over the other two-win teams in the league right now, who have not faced as difficult a schedule as the Rams.

Where would you put the Rams among the league's 32 teams right now?