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Torry Holt Says Rams Players Like Steve Spagnuolo

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St. Louis Rams owner Stan Kroenke might already be in the early stages of replacing the team's leadership. Beyond the team's disappointing record, a big question for replacing the coaching staff hinges on the relationship with the players. Head coaches that get canned in the middle of the season have usually already lost the locker room. That's what happened to Scott Linehan during his final days here. However, that does not seem to be the case with Steve Spagnuolo. 

Asked by our own Tevin Broner on Twitter, former Rams great Torry Holt said this:

T_BronTevin Broner
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@T_Bron Good question! I'm torn on this one. The players love Spags. Billy D?
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The offensive incompetency aside, you certainly don't get the same sense of the players quitting on Spagnuolo the way you did with Scott Linehan. That said, there are at least 53 different perspectives on the issue, and we've been told off the record by some inside Rams Park that Spagnuolo is not particularly popular with some of the players. I can't make that determination based on the small sample size I have. 

Torry Holt isn't in the locker room either, but he likely has a few connections. Remember, he did work with the offense during the lockout. 

I suspect much more will shake out as the season draws to a close. Kroenke has lots of options, he could clean out the front office and keep the coaching staff or just go in for one clean sweep, and there are tons of other potential combinations within that mix. Stay tuned.