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Random Ramsdom, 11/22: Steve Spagnuolo Talks Job Security

St. Louis Rams Head Coach Steve Spagnuolo declined to answer questions about his job security.
St. Louis Rams Head Coach Steve Spagnuolo declined to answer questions about his job security.

Tuesday is here, and the means you can start trying to erase the latest disaster from the St. Louis Rams out of your head...until next Sunday at any rate. Head Coach Steve Spagnuolo delivered another mile-long injury report yesterday, but the real news came when someone in the St. Louis media asked him about his job security. It was a shocking moment for a press corps accustomed to lobbing softballs, questions about the city's baseball team for instance, at the coach. And what did the coach say?

Spagnuolo declines to comment on his job security - Asked about a possible coaching change, Rams Head Coach Steve Spagnuolo refused to speculate. He told the press, "I don't go there." Asked a follow up question about being in touch with Stan Kroenke, Spags simply noted that the owner is supportive of them.

On the Rams' confounding offensive futility  - If you're looking for easy answers about the Rams' offensive struggles, keep looking. There are no easy answers to account for a pathetic 12 points per game. Mike Sando looks at how this season compares to Josh McDaniels' previous seasons as a head coach and offensive coordinator.

Bernie Miklasz: Monday Morning Backup QB - If you didn't read this yesterday, you need to give a read this morning, or even read it again. Bernie Miklasz dresses down the Rams' offensive struggles, which needless to say comes from a mix of questionable coaching decisions and a lack of talent at key positions. Read it carefully and you should come away convinced, and angry, and the level of mismanagement the Rams are still suffering through, long after Jay Zygmunt and Scott Linehan have gone on to other things.

Saffold undergoes surgery - Rams second-year left tackle Rodger Saffold was under the knife yesterday, fixing his torn pectoral muscle. He'll spend the next four to five months recovering, and should be back in time for the 2012 season.

Updated 2012 NFL Draft outside linebacker rankings - Mocking the Draft has their most recent outside linebacker rankings listed. Surprising no one, UNC's Zach Brown is at the top of the list. Over the years the Rams have tried to go the cheap route, Spagnuolo not making the position a priority...and how's that worked out?\

Another look at Sam Bradford's struggles - Rams Herd takes a look at the multi-faceted problems Sam Bradford is dealing with right now. I think all of Bradford's struggles can be fixed, but this is a lost season for him. The future of the franchise is riding on how the Rams go about addressing Bradford's development next year.