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Monday Night Football Thread and Photo Caption Contest

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   It's Monday Night Football time! It's also time once again to challenge the very edges of your individual creative madness too... Just remember the only rule: Leave you negative angst outside. We all know what's going on with the Rams right now, and if you feel the need to discuss it, there are other great articles here at TST that welcome those thoughts. NOT HERE!

  As Rams fans, we think big don't we? Call it pie in the sky dreaming, or even semi-blind faith - We see things in the Rams that would make Timothy Leary proud. Our near constant dream state also allows us the super creativity to see things in a photo like very few others. It's time to see just how imaginative you can be...

 Welcome to the toughest Monday Night Football - Photo Caption contest ever! Tonight, I'm calling on your creative instincts to make not one, but THREE caption entries. There is a prize for each photo's winning caption, and a chance for the very best of you for a "Hat Trick" to win all three prizes AND a Grand Prize for winning all three. here are the photos for tonight and good luck to all!

Photo #1


Photo #2


Photo #3



The prizes for each entry are:

  Photo #1 - The best caption wins Season's 1 and 2 of the fantasy football based TV series - "The League"   

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Photo #2 - The Best caption wins a 2012 St. Louis Rams Cheerleader Calendar



  Photo #3's winning caption gets the Band of Brother - The Pacific Special Edition Combo


   You win all 3 captions? I thought of my Yugo as the grand prize, but it's a classic some may not be ready to appreciate just yet... So the GRAND PRIZE will be not only all three prizes already mentioned, but your very own St. Louis Rams replica Jersey, and you pick the player (as long as it's readily available).



In your entry, put "CAPTION ENTRY" in the title line, and your caption in the body of the comment box. Number them for each photo (1 - 2 - 3). Enter as many times as you wish! Got it? OK... Ready, Set ---- GO!