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Rams vs. Seahawks Recap: The Quick Five

How do I teach these kids?
How do I teach these kids?

Is it bad that we as fans have accepted the fact that the St. Louis Rams are a soul-less being devoid of effort, or is it a good thing that we've moved into the second phase (acceptance) of the process? It's tough to say. After the horrible performance we witnessed yesterday, I don't think Steve Spagnuolo has any chance to get into next season. I have more thoughts on this later, but my college has always prided itself in taking away days off in favor of monotonous busy work. Too much? I guess you just aren't an engineering student.



Sam Bradford, QB

Oh Sam, please don't do this to us. Last year, you had a good run, but you are really starting to worry me. I know, Josh McDaniels is an idiot for leaving you high and dry without any QB Coach and insists on confusing you with a hyper-complex offense that does not work with the young nucleus that surrounds you, but don't give up! You'll be in a new offensive system soon enough.

Chris Chamberlain, OLB

I don't know what is worse. Chris is making everyone look bad because he is doing so much better than the decomposing heap that is Ben Leber. On the other hand, he continues to impress after he snagged another interception from the league's second worst QB, Tavaris Jackson (the 12th commandment, thou shalt not forget Rex Grossman, is in full effect here). Either way, it's hard not to root for him. Even JBiebz is. Bravo Chris, Bravo.

Brandon Lloyd, WR

Fun fact: Brandon Lloyd has in (in five games) as many recieving touchdowns team. Combined. Even though he isn't Calvin Johnson (who certainly is not as good as Cris Carter, according to Cris Carter), he has given Sam Bradford a target who can actually score. Hopefully the front office will give us a parting gift, signing Lloyd to a long contract using part of Jason Smith's slush fund. One can dream.

Safeties Quintin Mikell and Darian Stewart

It's hard to imagine a world without these two guys as safeties. They are two of the teams biggest success stories. Mikell, easily the best free agent acquisition has shined for much of the season and Stewart, a nobody when he entered the league, has really blossomed into a great player. They get the most energetic thumbs up from the one and only Gary Busey.

Steve Spagnuolo, Head Coach

You know when Simon Cowell, the best talent evaluator in the world, gives you a thumbs down, you have problems. Simply put, Spagnuolo has not been able to get anything out of this team on a consistent basis. The team has spent millions of dollars on players only to see them regress exponentially every year they are on the Rams. I'm officially off the Spagnuolo train.