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Random Ramsdom, 11/21: St. Louis Rams Make It Eight

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The St. Louis Rams lost their eighth game of the season, ensuring their eighth straight losing season.
The St. Louis Rams lost their eighth game of the season, ensuring their eighth straight losing season.

You are getting used to this, right? The St. Louis Rams lost another game in ugly fashion. It gave the Rams their eighth loss of the season, the eighth straight season that the Rams have failed to achieve a winning record. For Head Coach Steve Spagnuolo it was loss number 32, tying him with Mike Martz for the most losses of any Rams head coach since the team relocated to St. Louis, a city that now seems mostly indifferent about having something that is at least technically an NFL franchise. 

Spagnuolo Postgame Press Conference - If you haven't seen Rams Head Coach Steve Spagnuolo's postgame press conference, you need to watch it. Spagnuolo's defeated, frustrated tone sums up the Rams' futile efforts better than any hack writer ever could. It's disturbing to listen to, even for as much blame as the coach deserves for the train wreck on the field this year.

Red Bryant Interception - Don't look now football fans, it's a fat guy interception from the Seattle Seahawks. Unfortunately, this week's fat guy interception happened to the St. Louis Rams. Fitting, no?

Rams clinch 8th straight losing season - Best lede ever: "The empty backfield that the St. Louis Rams used much of the game was a prelude to the empty feeling that pervaded the locker room after another ineffectual performance and another loss." With eight losses and no end in sight, the Rams have officially made it another losing season.

Rams Report Card: Coaches, offensive line fail - Bad grades all around, as you would expect following the Rams lifeless effort yesterday. The coaches get a resounding 'F' for a team that failed to make any of the necessary adjustments and once again executed basic things poorly.

Meet the Rams' new starting left tackle - Kevin Hughes is a rookie undrafted free agent from Southeast Louisiana who was thrust into duty as the Rams starting left tackle when Mark LeVoir, himself a fill-in, left the game with an injury. Hughes was supposed to get some blocking help from tight ends and running backs; he didn't.