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Seahawks Vs. Rams Recap: The Rams Make Sam Bradford And Their Few Remaining Fans Sad

The St. Louis Rams are officially a disaster. The fans who showed up at the Edward Jones Dome today to watch the game no doubt thought about that as they filed out, at the start of the fourth quarter with the Rams buried by an insurmountable 17-7 lead. The kind of play, not to mention the status of coaching in St. Louis, was enough to make children cry. It was even enough to make one grown man sad, very sad. Rams fans, meet Sam Sadford, er, Bradford.



Clearly Bradford's disdain for what's happening on the field shows in his face in this animated GIF. Hard not to blame him. Bradford struggled in today's game, locking on to his first read and getting abused by the Seattle defense thanks in part to a mostly replacement level offensive line. 

The Rams coaching staff may very well get a break because of the rash of injuries that the Rams have suffered this season. That would be gross negligence. Bradford is a prime example of the coaching staff's failure this season. With a shortened offseason, the Rams insisted on implementing an uber complex offense with holdovers at the coaching positions except for the new offensive coordinator Josh McDaniels. McDaniels was supposed to take Bradford under his wing; instead, the coach has been overwhelmed with the other duties related to implementing an offense and relying on young players to make it work. 

More than that, the Rams just seem incapable of executing plays on a regular basis. The defense was playing better until today, but with a ten minute advantage for Seattle in time of possession, the defense was overwhelmed. Most telling of all, some of the players just don't look like they have any clue for what's going on not to mention any passion for winning games.