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Red Bryant Interception Helps Bury The Rams

The St. Louis Rams are collapsing hard and fast, faster than anyone might have imagined. Quarterback Sam Bradford was just picked off by Seattle defensive lineman Red Bryant. However, Bradford is not really the story here, Bryant’s fat guy interception is the story. Bryant even included a stiff arm to make if all the more special.

Check out the video of today’s fat guy interception.

Bradford stared down his target, wide receiver Austin Pettis. The ball was tipped, and Bryant was the man on the scene, plucking it out of the air and making it all his own. He then threw the stiff arm and moved five yards up the field.

That gave Seattle possession at the Rams’ 21-yard line. Three plays later, the Seahawks punched it in for a touchdown on a 22-yard run from Justin Forsett, that gave them lead the Rams would have a hard time clawing back from with their offense sputtering.