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NFL Week 11 Early Games Open Thread

"Pat, come back to me."
"Pat, come back to me."

The St. Louis Rams and Seattle Seahawks face off in the late matinee slate, where it will be seen by approximately 0.3 percent of the country and only then using some kind of twisted Clockwork Orange type of viewing device. Meanwhile, there is plenty of early action to wet your whistle.

All of the NFC West action happens this afternoon. Among the early games which might be worth your while, I'd say Buffalo at Miami and Cincinnati at Baltimore look like two of the better matchups on the early docket.

Keep it tuned to Turf Show Times throughout game day. We'll have highlights and news updates as they happen. It's also a great place to yak it up with your fellow Rams fans, as the largest Rams fan community on the web.

You can get even more NFL action at SB Nation NFL, where I'm working the newsdesk for the first two rounds of games today.

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