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Fantasy Football Advice: Start Steven Jackson AND Marshawn Lynch

The St. Louis Rams do not play until the afternoon slate of games kicks off, which means you could have won or lost your fantasy football matchup this week before the Rams even take the field. Because we here at TST feel like this season has been difficult enough, we want to help you, oh fellow Rams fan. How about a fantasy football look at the two running backs featured in this matchup: Steven Jackson and Marshawn Lynch?

Jackson is coming off three consecutive 100-yard rushing games. Seattle's defense is nothing to shrug about, especially with the injuries to the Rams offensive line, but Jackson will be leaned on heavily as the only consistently functioning part of the Rams offense.

As a matter of fact, Jackson has averaged 116 rushing yards per game since the Rams came out of their bye week, making him one of the best backs in the NFL. 

Marshawn Lynch faces a similar challenge in that his offensive line has been decimated in the last week, losing the entire right side of the unit to IR this week. The Rams run defense has been better over its last few games, despite allowing a 32-yards run to Chris Ogbonnaya last week. That said, Lynch still figures to be the main man for the Seahawks, and the Rams are susceptible enough to cutbacks and other misdirections, that he can pick up enough yards to make it worth your while. 

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