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Bring Back The St. Louis Rams Throwback Uniforms, For Good

Fans, we have a deep, burning issue related to the St. Louis Rams that needs to be addressed. No, it has nothing to do with A.J. Feeley versus Sam Bradford, or even Andrew Luck versus Sam Bradford. This is related to another matter entirely, a matter of fashion.

I don't think you'll find many who did not agree with the Rams sporting throwback uniforms this week. Of course, it was purely coincidental that they won wearing those rags of glory from an era that now seems like it happened eons before this one. Purely coincidental.

Let's face it, those uniforms just look better. Think about those unis compared to the awful white jerseys and white pants worn today. The blue jerseys are acceptable, but more from a non-offensive standpoint as opposed to something that truly links to an identity. Those old unis drip with identity.

I realize the Rams can't just flip the switch and make a change. Never one to pass up on easy money, the NFL requires a process, one that I believe takes a couple years. Well, no time like the present to start that process, I say.