This year Rams been not been playing as a football team what so ever. But on October 30 when they beat the Saints they looked like a real football team and looked like they will get better as the year goes on. So
im going to predict every game from now to the end of the year and players that will break out. MORE AFTER THE JUMP.


1. Steven Jackson. he showed a great showing on Sunday and led the rams with their first win. I think he will lead the Rams with allot more wins and get more than 1000 rushing yards.

2. Chris Long. On Sunday he had 3 sacks and played very well. I think he will lead the Defensive line and get at least 12-20 sacks.

3. Robert Quinn. Robert Quinn also played very well on Sunday and getting a blocked put that the rams scored a touchdown with. He will play very well along side Chris Long and the rest of the defensive line and get 5-10 sacks.

4. Darien Stewart. He played well for the Rams secondary for the whole year especially on Sunday and he got a interception and returned it for a touchdown. He will be a great safety for the Rams.

5. Brandon Lloyd. Brandon payed a nice game against the Saints but he had a couple drops that the Rams could of scored touchdowns on. He had a touchdown in this game and if Brandon keeps up the good work he may be resigned by the Rams and be a number1 receiver for the Rams along side a wide receiver they can get in the 2012 draft.

Week 9. Rams vs Cardinals.

Rams 24 Cardinals 13. Rams 2-6

Week 10. Rams vs Browns.

Rams 20 Browns 6. Rams 3-6

Week 11. Rams vs Seahawks.

Rams 27 Seahawks 10. Rams 4-6

Week 12. Rams vs Cardinals.

Rams 31 Cardinals 16. Rams 5-6

Week 13. Rams vs 49ers

Rams 17 49ers 21. Rams 5-7

week 14. Rams vs Seahawks

Rams 38 Seahawks 23. Rams 6-7

Week 15. Rams vs Bengals

Rams 20 Bengals 17. Rams 7-7

Week 16. Rams vs Steelers

Rams 17 Steelers 24. Rams 7-8

Week 17. Rams vs 49ers

Rams 24 49ers 21. Rams 8-8

1st. 49ers. 11-5

2nd. Rams 8-8

3rd. Cardinals 5-11

4th. Seahawks 3-13

Rams will pick 17 in this years draft and they will trade up and get Justin Blackmon. they will trade their first,fourth,sixth and seventh round picks in this years draft and second and third in their 2013 draft. In the second Round they will select Ronnel Lewis. In the third round they will select Stephen Gilmore.

1. Justin Blackmon.

2. Ronnel Lewis.

3. Stephon Gilmore.