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Random Ramsdom 11/2

Welcome to the first Random Ramsdom of November.  This season just keeps going by so fast.  Just yesterday it seemed everyone had hope the Rams would be a contender for the crown this year, until they  lost six in a row.  Some hope has finally returned, as the Rams beat the mighty Saints Sunday, but it's still only one win.  Hopefully they can get number two Sunday as the Rams will be in Arizona.  On to the links.

Bradford out of boot

Kathleen Nelson of is reporting that Sam Bradford is out of his boot and he has started exercises on it.  Spags said he is uncertain if he will practice today.  In my opinion, I think it is doubtful that he will practice or play this week.  I think he still needs some more time to heal up.  Normal recovery for a high ankle sprain is 4-6 weeks, and it's only been three.  

Rams CBs & S stepped up big  

Here's a nice article about the Rams secondary from Jim Thomas.  The Rams secondary did better than could be expected of them Sunday.  A largely patchwork group intercepted Drew Brees twice and almost ended his TD pass streak, until he threw one in garbage time.  Hopefully they can keep this performance up.

Sando's weekly stock watch

Sando put up his weekly NFC West stock watch yesterday and all three players on the rising side were Rams.  He had Chris Long, who had three sacks, Robert Quinn, who had a breakout game with a big sack and a blocked punt, and finally he had Steven Jackson, who did more than just play well; he rallied the team.  Overall it was a great week for the Rams.  Everybody played well and they most definitely deserved the win.  Maybe this will be a turning point for the season.

Suck for Luck?  Might not be that simple

Ross Tucker had a great article about the suck for Luck campaign and how it might not actually be happening.  

So even though it may be gut-wrenching to see their team lose every week, those fans believe it is worthwhile as long as they can secure the rights to Luck. The problem is putting it into practice. Which leads us back to the original question. It is one thing to hope it happens organically. It is quite another to think your team should do it intentionally.

Does the owner tell the players to stop playing as hard? Or the coaches to spend those sleepless nights in the office devising a strategy to put the players in the worst possible position to succeed? Of course not. Not only would news of that leak immediately, but it is also crazy to think that any player or coach could spent countless hours preparing to lose. That's not how they're wired.


That's all I got for today.  Have a good one and GO RAMS!!!