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Sam Bradford Injury: Will Rams QB Test His Ankle Today

The St. Louis Rams will know more about the status of starting quarterback Sam Bradford today, maybe. Bradford suffered a high ankle sprain in week 6 against Green Bay. He has missed two games since then, including the Rams' upset win over New Orleans last week. Today, we should know more about Bradford's status, maybe even getting a clue as to whether or not he'll return this week. 

Bradford was out of his walking boot on Monday. Head Coach Steve Spagnuolo took a cautious tone in remarks at his press conference when asked about the timeline for Bradford. He began doing some strengthening exercises after that. The coach was non-committal about whether Bradford would practice today. 

High ankle sprains are a tricky injury. Many thought Bradford would play the week after suffering it, since quarterbacks move less than other positions on the field and since Bradford's injury was to his left ankle as opposed to his right leg that he plants when throwing. 

We should know in a matter of hours whether or not Bradford tests his leg today. Stay tuned, and be sure to follow us on Twitter for up-to-the-second reaction.