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NFL Draft notes - evening college football open thread

The sun has set.

The time is nigh

for bourbon in a bucket.

Or even moreso

said by Lee Corso

just toss it out and...something something.

  Into the evening games. Didn't get time to add anything to the watchlist, but I've listed nearly every major team at some point this season on there.

  SPECIAL TIP: If you go to the last sheet in the workbook of the watchlist, there's a tracker that tells you which teams have been listed and when. Pretty handy, if I do say so myself.

No. 1 LSU at Ole Miss, 7 ESPN: Ole Miss is horrible. LSU's defense is ridiculously good. Not really great for scouting purposes, but if you want to see an offense that would rather just forfeit than continue to play, tune in by about the mid 3rd quarter.

Virginia at No. 25 Florida St., 7:30 ESPN2: Meh. Wait til next week for the Sunshine Showdown.

No. 5 Oklahoma at No. 22 Baylor, 8pm ABC: Great scouting when the Bears have the ball. Watch OU's linebackers try to deal with RG3.

USC at No. 4 Oregon, 8pm ABC: Maybe the most interesting matchup of the evening. And with both teams going into stankhand territory next week, this should be a motivated contest with plenty of points. The real key is USC's defense and Oregon's offense.

No. 13 Kansas St. at No. 23 Texas, 8pm FX: Maybe the two most overrated teams in the top 25, though Auburn at 24 in the BCS is what just being in the SEC does for you. Wait until next year.

Cal at No. 9 Stanford, 10:15pm ESPN: If you haven't seen Cal's true soph WR Keenan Allen, you're missing out. On a better team, he'd be more well known as a top WR. As it is, he's hidden on a team that lost by 17 to UCLA with Zach friggin Maynard as his QB. Honestly, Allen and Rutgers WR Mohamed Sanu deserve some kind of charity fund for being hidden from much of the casual football fan's awareness.