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Turf Show Times


   What a day eh? Lots to read in the world of college and NFL football. Anyone out there that thought Oklahoma State University would be upset by Iowa State needs to join Team TST for our weekly NFL picks post. 

   This is my first time doing Random Ramsdom, so bare with me and forgive any link faux pauxs.  

   Sunday being only a day away, you may want to have a look at some passing games breakdowns the talented guys over at Field Gulls put together here and here.

   College Quarterback Ranking - For those wondering how the current crop of college quarterbacks are shaking out, here is an interesting take on some QBs outside of the "Luck" limelight. Not all that sure of their opinion of UCS's Matt Barkley though... He strikes me more as a Mark Sanchez 2.0.

  ESPN's Lee Corso is famous for his energy and college football tilt. Today he tilted in a verbal miscue that cracked him up. Nice recovery Lee!

  Over at Mocking the Draft the Top 3 college wide receivers has changed, but some other names are starting to rise up the list, and a few are falling off. Is it just me that feels the NFL draft really goes on 365 days a year?

  With both Michael Vick and Maclin listed as out this week, do the Philadelphia Eagles have a chance against the New York Giants? Can Vince Young keep it together to stem the Eagles fall?

  Vote here for your favorite St. Louis Rams player to be a Pro Bowl representative. I read somewhere that the Rams don't even have one player in the top five at any position, and we're the only team in the NFL that doesn't? Get with it guys! James Laurintais deserves to be on the 2011 NFC Pro Bowl team this year!!

  Time to take Tim Tebow Seriously... Seriously? The NFL is so up it's down...


  That's all from me for today. Go Rams!!!