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St. Louis Rams vs. Seattle Seahawks: 5 Things To Watch

  It's been a long time since the Rams last played the Seahawks. It's not a game that any Rams fan, or anyone who watched the week 17 Sunday Night Football game, wants to remember. This year, the game doesn't hold as much interest as last year's game; unless you like seeing two inconsistent teams, with a sub .500 record. 

  This game is important for both teams. They'll want to see how they match up with other teams in their division. The Rams and Seahawks most likely won't make the playoffs, but in this game the winning team could gain some  momentum for the rest of the season.

So with all that said, after the jump I have 5 things you should watch for on Sunday.

   Marshawn Lynch vs the Rams defense
   Lynch isn't an elite running back like Steven Jackson, but he is a pretty good. Lynch is also on a hot streak like Jackson going into this game; he is currently on a 2 game 100 yard rushing streak,

  The Rams defense has been horrible against the run this season. They keep running backs in check for much of the game and then the running back starts to break for big yardage. This has been haunting the Rams defense for a while now, and the Rams don't want Lynch to start getting hot, so their first priority should be to stop the run and then worry about Seattle's quarterback.

  Which quarterback will have the best game?

  If anyone would have told me before the season, that Tarvarus Jackson and Sam Bradford are the wild cards this week, and not in a good way, I would have laughed. One, because Bradford should be way better than Jackson and two, because Jackson doesn't have the talent that Bradford has.

   However, right now I couldn't tell you who is playing better. In this game, one of these two have to stand out, right? It would be easy for me to say that Bradford will out play Jackson, but we just don't know.

   Will the Rams score multiple touchdowns?

  The Rams have to do this eventually right? It's starting to get embarrassing to see this team march into the redzone and only leave with 3 points. No matter if it's Sam's fault, the receivers, the offensive line or the coaches. The Rams need to start getting at least two touchdowns a game. This would be the perfect game to do that.

  Can Steven Jackson keep up the pace?

Jackson has been playing like a man possessed recently. He currently has three 100 yard games in a row, and just looks like a new man on the field. If the Rams want to win this game, Jackson will have to have another good game. It will be interesting to see if the Rams will keep him in the backfield to block more this week, since the Rams offensive line took a big lost yesterday, losing their starting left offensive tackle Rodger Saffold.

  Which team will take advantage of the weak offensive lines?

Going into this game, both teams will be without key offensive linemen. At the beginning of the week it looked like the Rams defensive line would be the only team with a clear advantage over the  offensive line due to the fact that the Seahawks lost their starting rookies James Carpenter and John Moffitt.

  Next thing you know, the Rams lose their starting left tackle yesterday and now the Rams offensive line looks to be in trouble. We don't know if Jason Smith will be playing, and  center Jason Brown most likely is benched. That means three backups will most likely be starting on the Rams offensive line.