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NFL Draft notes - college football open thread

  Huge night for college football and NFL scouting.

  An interconference matchup. Geographically separated opponents. One of the best junior WRs in the country. I present you with...TOLEDO-CENTRAL MICHIGAN with junior WR Eric Page!!! Oh, you wanted Oklahoma St.-Iowa St. and OSU RS Jr. Justin Blackmon? To each his own...  Either way, there's scouting to be had (though I'll admit the Big XII matchup offers quite a bit more of it).

  The aforementioned MAC game should be a showcase for the nimble Page, Sr. RB Adonis Thomas and various other day three candidates for the 2012 NFL Draft. And yes, you'll have to turn in to ESPNU at 8pm ET to get that deep into scouting, but I have faith one of you will be there to comfort me in the lowly valleys of college football.

  For the surface feeders, the #2 team in the country, Oklahoma St., will have a suitable platform to yet again execute their box score-filling offense en route to a potential national championship against a pretty poor Iowa St. side.

  Yes, you'll get more immediate scouting on guys like QB Brandon Weeden, SS Markelle Martin, OT Levy Adcock and of course Blackmon. And as an added bonus, if you haven't seen ISU Kelechi Osemele, this is maybe your best chance. He's a potential day 1 candidate who lines up at LT for the Cyclones, but could easily slide inside at the NFL level.

  So while Tebowmania holds the NFL storylines for the night, the ones to be written two or three years from now could well feature someone from the games tonight.