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St. Louis Rams Roundtable: Where will the Rams finish this season?

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As we all know, the St. Louis Rams will not win the NFC West this season. Hell, they might not win another game. Now the Rams are playing for their pride and, for many of the players and staff, their jobs. No one knows what will happen during the offseason, the Rams owner might decide that it's time that he cut ties with Billy Devaney and Steve Spaguolo.

It's impossible to predict what will happen after this disappointing season, but what we do know is that the Rams have to find a way to get better than they have now, or there will be big changes.

The Rams record is important, but I think as fans, we want the Rams to place ahead of the Cardinals and Seahawks. This might result in a bad draft position, but we can always say we sucked a little less than they did this season. It's bragging rights and jobs on the line the rest of the way out for the Rams.

With all this in mind, I asked the Turf Show Times' team what place will the Rams will finish in this season. As always, there were some good answers. There is still some road left to travel and the Rams can make this an okay ride. We also want you to predict what place will the Rams finish in the comments.

The early mishaps and injuries make it too much of a hurdle to overcome and catch the 49ers at the top of the division. However, a strong finish with a depleted starting roster would be a huge achievement to get this team back on solid ground moving into 2012.

2nd- Tied
The possibility of finishing once again at 7-9 is entirely real. Who finishes with us in second is another matter all together. "The Dread 9ers" have 1st place locked up unless an unparallelled disaster strikes. Arizona is playing with passion enough to salvage a 7-9 record, and Seattle somehow finds a way to creep up on everyone...


Explanation: we suck


The Rams should be able to eek out three or so more wins this season. The Cardinals are giving them a run for Jason Smith's huge salary (see: money), but because of tie breakers and injuries I don't see any way the Rams aren't in 4th place at the end of the year.
Eric Nagel

I think the Rams will finish third in the NFC West. They should beat Seattle at home this week, as Seattle deals with injuries as severe as those that the Rams have suffered through this year. That will give each team three wins. If the Rams can beat Arizona the next week, they should be able to hang on to a one-game lead over the Seahawks down the stretch. Either way, third or fourth place, it's a big disappointment.
Ryan Van Bibber

Third with the Cardinals fourth. I think we are the better team, but we'll fall one short of Seatle.

Tied for second with the Cardinals and Seahawks. Why exactly? No idea. Just a feeling.

Brick Top

I don't really know. I think their offense will pick up some towards the end of the season but it will most likely be too late. Going 3-4 the rest of the season is reasonable, give and take a game, so
depending on how well the other NFC West teams do, they can be 3rd.

Eddie P

They will finish in 4th due to the continued injuries eroding an already limited talent base on defense as well as the Bradford regressing into a bottom 5 QB rating wise and him not elevating the talent around him.
Mike Dietrich

There is absolutely no reason why I should pick this team to be 2nd in the division. The other two teams looked impressive last week, if the Rams are going to win, it will be up to Bradford, I think the Rams can get 3 more wins.
Tevin B