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Rams vs. Seahawks, Player to Watch: David Hawthorne

With last weeks horrible/terrible/awful win behind us, let's look forward at a division rival - the Seattle Seahawks. This will be the battle to stay out of last place for the St. Louis Rams. I already did my rant on the Marshawn Lynch post, so lets jump right in.

The Seattle Seahawks boast an athletic group of linebackers, but none of them are more athletic than middle linebacker David Hawthorne.

This guy is the man who took former Seahawk Lofa Tatupu's starting job

Hawthorne is off to a good start this year, accumulating 61 tackles and two interceptions in eight games so far this season. What these stats showcase is that he will lay down a big hit and play the ball, evident by his two interceptions, pretty good for a mike linebacker.

And the man is a pretty damn good linebacker. Hawthorne did, after all, take former Seabird Lofa Tatupu's starting job, and Tatupu was a beast, in my opinion, before all the injuries.

Now, for the Rams to prevent him from being a disruptive factor, the Rams' line must set up blocks at the second level. Stop him from making his way into the backfield - keeping his tackles for loss at a minimum.