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TST Mailbag: Should the Rams draft a WR?

Finally it's not Ram fans with bags on their face.
Finally it's not Ram fans with bags on their face.

Like always, it's another week and another loss...Err, I mean win for the St. Louis Rams. They pulled out a victory against the Browns and the Rams old offensive coordinator. This was a game the Rams had to win. Although it wasn't convincing, they pulled away with a W.

So now let's get into your questions. We didn't have as many this week, but the questions you asked are good ones.

Peter Yanni Assuming Branding Lloyd comes back, along with a healthy Mark Clayton, Amendola, Salas, Pettis, and even Alexander is WR still a top priority in the draft? The team has a lot of other needs that need to be taken care of, such as the offensive line, CBs, OLBs, a back up RB, etc..

Tevin: The Rams do need a lot of talent. If the Rams can ink up Brandon Lloyd and Amendola, I don't see as pressing a need to get a WR in 1st round. However, it would be interesting to see what Bradford could do with an young WR, with elite potential. With the way the Rams WR corps always ends up injured, why not draft one?

Ross McCooey Even though it was ugly, do you think the team will now rally together after a hard fought win and proceed to win 2 or 3 in a row with some confidence?

Tevin: It could happen, I didn't see anything that showed me the Rams can beat the Seahawks though. The Seahawks will be riding high after beating the Ravens.

Kevin Fles Every year, ESPN & NFL Network air a show highlighting the all-time biggest NFL draft busts. (We're probably all familiar with the show)

Anyway, not if, (its not a question of, "if" anymore) but where will Jason Smith, number 2 overall pick in 2009; be placed on the list?? --Top 10?? Top 5?? Or top 3??

I think top 3. behind JaMarcus Russel and ahead of Ryan Leaf (another one of Devanny's picks).

--Also, what ramifications are there for Devaney who would have the honor of being GM and picking 2 out of the top 3 biggest draft busts of all time??

If there were an all-time GM Bust, would it be safe to say that Devaney would take the number one spot? Or is it possible there is a worse GM out there in the history of the National Football League?


Tevin:  I don't see how you could put Jason Smith on that list. He hasn't been good, in fact he's been below average much of his time in STL. Smith still has time to rebound, even if it means playing guard. He was a wasted 2nd pick, though. Looking at the 2009 draft you will see a lot of busts, B.J Raji, is the only player in the top 10 the Rams would have been right in drafting.

Scott Lingle How is Ron Bartell recovering? Will he be playing football next season?

Tevin: Honestly, I have no clue to either of the questions. The Rams wold be crazy not to acquire another CB, just in case, but I do like Josh Gordy.

Van: There's a slim chance Bartell could be back, but fractured necks usually mean the end of a career. Ask Rich Gannon.

Jerry Will What's the status of Mark Clayton and Danario Alexander ?

Tevin: Mark Clayton isn't 100%, but he got some playing time last Sunday, 10 or so snaps. Alexander, most likely won't play this week.

Better Than You why is there only excuses for these losers running the team. do you guys like to have a bad team? this is ridiculous

Tevin: I'm probably one of the only people who make excuses for the staff, I say give them another season, but that's just me.

Sergey Konyshev How many players will the Rams lose in, yet another, pointless game? I think the players should just wear sumo suits for the rest of the season.

Tevin: Pointless? The Rams are pretending to play this horrible. You think all these players are getting injuried, and this team is regressing? Ha, they are trying to get some more elite players so they can go on a Super Bowl run next season. Well, that is what I hope is happening.

Marty McKeown Name me 5 players who are not injured

Tevin: Good one. Off the top of my head, Tevin Broner, Brandon B, Ryan B, Joe M, Eric N, thats only because you asked for 5. Really the whole TST staff are the best players in the game.

Answering a previous question from Sean Sanchez, here is the link

Sean Sanchez I understand that, but Bradford used no-huddle a lot in college and he seems way more comfortable. There is a huge difference in his play when its used. He moves around in the pocket better and he goes through his reads better and cleaner. So far this year, that is about the only time he gets to a check down for positive yardage when other options are not available. Speaking of check down... Jackson needs to get more involved in the passing game. I know he has to stay back and contain a pass rush, but he is non existant out of the backfield in passing situations... Just a couple years ago he was one of the leading receivers on the team. How do you not utilize those hands more?

Tevin: I agree with you, the Rams should run the no huddle more, but I would say they aren't ready for it yet. I'm sure the Rams will do it more next season. It will take time for the coaches, players, and Sam to get the No Huddle thing down.

Also, it's like you said, who will block for Sam? After all the hits, the Rams can't risk it. Him fumbling, after the catch last game, didn't help matters each.