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Jets Vs. Broncos Thursday Night Football (NFL & NCAA) Open Thread

  There's some great football tonight at both major levels, and some great storylines to boot.

  At the NFL level, Thursday Night Football rolls on on the NFL Network in 50 minutes featuring the New York Jets and Denver Broncos in a key non-division battle that could well determine the fortunes of men hoping to.... aw, who am I kidding.


  I've been asked whether or not I think Tim Tebow can be an effective NFL quarterback hundreds of times, and despite railing against him as a prospect in the 2010 NFL Draft, my answer has always been the right situation.

  Yes, you have to run a system that creates mismatches in your favor by working him into a power running scheme and using that to open space for your receivers. Yes, you need a big offensive line who can negate any push from the defensive line, especially on the interior. Yes, you need an athletic hybrid TE (not Daniel Fells...) who can be used as a decoy in either the run or passing game to confuse linebackers and safeties. And yes, you need the combination of a possession-type receiver (Eric Decker) and a speed guy (not on their roster...) to work different levels of a defense that should fill the box.

  That's a hell of a lot of specific needs for an offense to tailor solely due to your quarterbacks' limitations as a passing threat. But it can work. I'm certain of it.

  Meanwhile at the college level, North Carolina travels to Virginia Tech in a half hour on ESPN in a great game stacked with quality defensive talent, and, as Rams fans, it's hard not to be intrigued by UNC WR Dwight Jones and Virginia Tech RB David Wilson. Nevertheless, the reality is that this game offers maybe a dozen guys on the defensive side who will find a home in the NFL sometime soon.

  So watch some football, damnit, and holler right here.