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Fantasy Football Over and Under Achievers Week 11

Hello Fantasy Football Fans.

Here is the next installment of what will be a weekly rundown on who I think will over or under perform their weekly rankings from ESPN.  We have only 1 week of bye’s left so get ready to make your playoff run or ruin your friend’s chances.  Let’s get to the rankings:


·         Matt Moore (24)-  He finally broke out the week before the bye and with a healthy running game he should have a solid game against a shaky Bills defense.

·         Tavaris Jackson (22)- Another QB with a great matchup against possibly the worst secondary in the NFL.

·         Mark Sanchez  (12)- Another juicy matchup playing a Denver defense that allows QB’s to have top days week in and week out.

·         Kendell Hunter (32)- I have a hunch Frank Gore will not play much and give him the opportunity to shine like he has before especially against this defense.

·         BenJarvus Green Ellis (28)- I expect the Pats to go u bug and then he should be able to take over with the most touched he will have in many weeks.

·         Steve Smith (47)- He led the Eagles in targets last week and with Maclin out, that should continue this week.

·         Torrey Smith (37)- The Bengals have lost their top cover guy which should open up the passing game for the Ravens.

·         Steve Breaston (34)- There should be plenty of passes going his way in the 2nd half of what will be all passing by the Palko led Chiefs.

·         Denarious Moore(20)- He has led the Raiders in targets since Carson Palmer has taken over and now gets an awful Vikings secondary.




·         Tim Tebow (9)- He is not really a QB and his rushing yards help him out but I have faith that the Jets defense will stop this one dimensional offense.

·         Philip Rivers (10)- I am off the bandwagon until he shows he has turned it around and I cannot see that happening in Chicago.

·         Frank Gore (11)- While he is banged up , I can see them giving him a light load with the 49ers huge divisional lead.

·         Jonathon Stewart (19)- Unless  yu are very short, there is no way he can be trusted as a RB2 until there is a Williams injury.

·         Beanie Wells (20)- He is injured and plays the #1 rushing defense in the NFL.

·         LeGarrette Blount (24)- He does not play in blowouts die to his inability to catch the ball.

·         Wes Welker (4)- He has not had a td in many weeks and team have found a way to take him out which I expect Flowers to do for the Chiefs.

·         A.J. Green (14)- He is very questionable while also having a very tough matchup.

·         Steve Johnson (17)- Another player that is very banged up and could have issues with the improving Miami secondary.



Please feel free to contact me on Twitter dvond with any questions.


 Good Luck!


Fantasy Mike