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Random Ramsdom: 11/17/2011



The links! Those tasty, precious morsels that we cling to every day to give us a glimmer of hope for our Rams. Today, they primarily take a look at Sam Bradford. If you haven't noticed, he's sort of a big deal.

  • Bernie believes assessing Bradford's play is difficult. Difficult to watch perhaps? I'm not sure where the Berns is going with this one, but it's an interesting read none the less.

Sam Bradford isn't used to losing. He's used to lighting up defenses and scoreboards.

Ah yes, those good old college days.


  • The crew at the post dispatch believes in a debate. No, not one of the infinity^3 debates for the republic presidential nominee, but one with a much more important topic: Bradford vs. Suh.Oh, they went there.
  • Will at Ramsherd looks at the curse of the CB's. Every 300 snaps a CB plays, they receive a ACL tear as a free gift. Next up on the list? Josh Gordy! Come on down!

That's it for today everyone. Make to sure to come back and check out more news, and as always, go RAMS!