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NFL Weekly Picks Against the Point Spread

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  The NFL Weekly picks against the point spread this year has been a humbling experience. Ten full weeks into the 2011 season, and there still isn't a clear winner, though Mike D has held the lead for 8 of 10 weeks so far. Team TST has slid a bit, but we still hold onto third place. This week I'm stepping into the breach for the good guys! I filled in for 3k last week, and he had one of his BEST weeks of the year when I used my Magic 8-Ball to make his choices. Brick Top won the week with a 9-7 record and was seen dancing naked in the streets on his college campus...  So let's have at it! Here are this weeks picks:

***A simple cover by the winning team is a win, no ties or "pushes" here based on spread***

Turfshowtimes_medium Baby_drinking_becks_medium
2277397-space_needle_downtown_and_mt_rainier-seattle_medium Images_medium Gyi0062865695_medium Large Turfshowtimes_medium
Ryan 3k DouglasM ram_rod Brick Top T. Ram Mike D Consensus
Season Rec. 65 - 66 61 - 70 63 - 68 59 - 72 58 - 73 58 - 73 70 - 60 434 - 482
Win % YTD 49.61% 46.56% 48.09% 45.03% 44.27% 44.27% 53.84% 47.37%
Last Week 6 - 10 7 - 9 8 - 8  7 - 9 9 - 7 6  - 10 8 - 8 42 - 58
NYJ(-4)@ DEN Nyj_medium Den_medium Den_medium Den_medium Nyj_medium Nyj_medium Nyj_medium Nyj_medium
OAK@ MIN (even) Oak_medium Oak_medium Oak_medium Min_medium Oak_medium Oak_medium Oak_medium Oak_medium
BUF(-2)@ MIA Buf_medium Buf_medium Mia_medium Buf_medium Buf_medium Buf_medium Buf_medium Buf_medium
CIN@ BAL(-7) Bal_medium Bal_medium Bal_medium Cin_medium Bal_medium Cin_medium Cin_medium Bal_medium
JAC@ CLE (even) Cle_medium Cle_medium Cle_medium Cle_medium Jac_medium Jac_medium Jac_medium Cle_medium
DAL(-8)@ WASH Dal_medium Dal_medium Dal_medium Dal_medium Dal_medium Dal_medium Was_medium Dal_medium
T.B.@ G.B.(-16) Gbp_medium Tam_medium Gbp_medium Gbp_medium Tam_medium Tam_medium Tam_medium Tam_medium
CAR@ DET(-8) Det_medium Det_medium Det_medium Det_medium Det_medium Car_medium Car_medium Det_medium
AZ@ S.F.(-11) Sfx_medium Sfx_medium Ari_medium Sfx_medium Sfx_medium Ari_medium Ari_medium Sfx_medium
SEA@ STL (even) Stl_medium Stl_medium Stl_medium Stl_medium Stl_medium Stl_medium Sea_medium Stl_medium
S.D. @ CHI(-4) Chi_medium Sdc_medium Chi_medium Chi_medium Chi_medium Sdc_medium Chi_medium Chi_medium
TEN@ ATL(-6) Atl_medium Atl_medium Atl_medium Atl_medium Ten_medium Atl_medium Atl_medium Atl_medium
PHI@ NYG(-3) Nyg_medium Nyg_medium Phi_medium Nyg_medium Nyg_medium Nyg_medium Phi_medium Nyg_medium
K.C..@ N.E.(-16)MNF Nep_medium Nep_medium Nep_medium Nep_medium Nep_medium Nep_medium Kan_medium Nep_medium