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Rams Vs. Browns Game Ball: James Hall

The St. Louis Rams salvaged the win this week. Despite a stagnant second half offense, the Rams defense and special teams unit made key plays to secure a 13-12 win over the Cleveland Browns. And no player had more of an impact on that than defensive end James Hall, who gets our Game Ball of the Week.

How exactly that field goal was blocked remains the subject of some debate. For now, it's being classified as a missed field goal. Though the tape available to regular viewers is somewhat inconclusive, it is notable that both the Rams and the Browns give Hall credit for hitting the ball in the air with his forearm and sending it off course to prevent the Browns from taking the lead. 

Hall also got a little help from a missed call, according to the Browns. 

Blocking the field goal most likely preserved the win. Had Cleveland made the kick, it would have given them a two-point lead with about two minutes to play. The Rams offense really struggled in the second half, and getting into field goal range was nothing to take for granted. Thanks to James Hall, they didn't half to worry about it.