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St. Louis Rams Head Coach Steve Spagnuolo's Press Conference: Boo-Boo Lists Ain't Cutting It

Having just watched Steve Spagnuolo's press conference, I remain a bit puzzled? At least 98% of his time behind the microphone today dealt with injury questions by the media... OK, injuries are a big item when it comes to talking about this year's St. Louis Rams, but how in the world is it virtually the only thing discussed?

Steve gave a pat on the back to players and coaches for... Substitutions? That's right up there with "Hey, my pen ran out of ink? I know, I'll use a different pen!"

Where's the football talk? Dissecting this play or player? Observations of the other team were limited to "I gotta give credit to the holder...He did a great job of..." How about what you saw that need correction? What went right? Where is the play call observation and discussion of how to improve or how it can apply to the next opponent?

This "presser" sounded more like what you'd hear from a hospital spokesman following a train wreck, not a football game? I'm all for injury lamentation, and players hurt deserve to be recognized for their individual contributions to the team as a whole. Yet, that can't be all Steve Spagnuolo took away from Sunday's game against the Cleveland Browns?

Coach Steve, trying to sell the injury line as a reason for our team's failings this year is fine. I get it! After the season, put a great big asterisk on your resume for this year. Right now, I'd prefer my NFL team's head coach to show he isn't buying into a "Woe is me" attitude, and thinking more along the lines of making what he has worthy of taking the field each NFL Sunday. Show me you know the mistakes made on the field register with you along with what went right. Explain to us that you saw plays that can be improved upon and why? Know that when you say that you'll have think about that with the "old roll-o-Dex" gives us no confidence in your short or long term memory.

All you showed me today was how intrigued you are by a bobbled snap that GAVE you a win, not how you plan to win again.