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Rams Vs. Browns: Game Photos

Getty Images

The St. Louis Rams pulled it off yesterday, beating Cleveland in a game between two teams that looked exactly like their records said they should look. Ugly or not, a win is a win, and the disappointing Rams and their fans will take it. We have a solid collection of photos from the game for your browsing pleasure. Just click on the image above to see them all. 

We also have this. An animated gif of Brandon Lloyd's awesome one-handed catch on the Rams' lone scoring drive of the game. Take a gander at it in all its glory, and think about just how criminally lacking the Rams have been at wide receiver all these years. 



We also have the video of Lloyd's touchdown catch right here. We'll have plenty more coming your way throughout the day, including updates and reaction to what figures to be a very sobering injury report from Rams Park today. 

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