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Al Harris Injury: Rams CB Likely Tore His ACL, Career In Doubt

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When the St. Louis Rams signed 36-year-old veteran cornerback Al Harris, some wondered whether or not he would even make the final 53-man roster. After a great career, injuries wrecked havoc on Harris in recent years. Rather than leave the league because of those injuries, he wanted one more shot. Now, Harris' career could well be over after suffering what is believed to be a torn ACL in yesterday's win against Cleveland.

Harris got his chance and more with the Rams. After starting corner Bradley Fletcher was injured in practice during the bye week, Harris took over as a starter. He was originally ticket for a more limited role, and most observers wondered how it would pan out with the veteran starting. Harris did just fine. In fact, his solid play was a big part of the Rams' defensive improvement over the last four games. 

Harris turns 37 next month. If this report is correct and he does have a torn ACL, his season is definitely over. As for his football career beyond that, we'll have to wait and see.