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Rams vs. Browns Recap: The Quick Five

Looks like your offense still stinks Pat.
Looks like your offense still stinks Pat.

The Rams finally won their second game of the season (2-7! Yes!) after playing the woefully inept Browns yesterday. Unfortunately, it feels as though the Rams had more injured players than points.

Quick five after the jump.


Brandon Lloyd, WR

He isn't putting up 100 yard, 2 TD performances, but he makes the games interesting. He knows McDaniels. He fits in the system. Given the coaching uncertainty surrounding next year, it is going to be mighty interesting to hear about a new contract for this guy. However, one thing is clear: Sam needs play makers.


Craig Dahl, S

I had high hopes for him last year. Sure, I didn't think he was going to the pro bowl any time soon...But then again, it's hard not to root for someone like Dahl. His coverage skills are downright abysmal. With Darian Stewart out, the Rams have a huge hole at safety.

Sam Bradford, QB

Sam struggled again with the mental attributes of the game. It's clear that he is struggling in the system McD has put in place. Ryan Van Bibber is right, the Rams desperately need a QB coach. If the coaching staff stays, what are the odds they bring Kyle Orton in as a backup?

Steven Jackson, RB

I always try to NOT put SJ on these lists. You'll probably never see a down arrow next to his name, so to me it feels like a cop-out when I give him an up arrow. But the facts are inexcusable: He has put the team on his back (warning: strong language). If I had to pick one player that I'd want to see win the super bowl, it'd be him. That man deserves it.

Chris Long, DE

Shh. Don't look now, but Long has racked up 5 sacks in the last three games. If he keeps this pace, he'd be looking at over 16 sacks by the end of the season. He's never going to be that feared edge rusher Chris Collinsworth hems and haws over, but he's quietly becoming a non-stop threat to opposing QB's.