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Random Ramsdom 10/13: Rams defeat Browns, but in a disappointing way.


Hey everybody!  The Rams picked up their second win yesterday in an ugly game against the Browns.  They did win, but the majority of articles about the game show disappointment in the Rams.  Some don't like the feeling of the win.  It feels like the Rams lucked out to some, since the Browns messing up a routine FG in the 4th quarter to give them the lead.  Other keep pointing out that the Rams offense is still a big disappointment and Sam Bradford is still in a funk.  Personally, I'm just happy to get a W.  I don't care how you get them.  They all count the same in the standings.  The offensive struggles are still a big concern for me, but I won't let get in the way of enjoying a victory Monday.  On to the links.

Post-Dispatch's Report Card

Jeff Gordon had his weekly grades for the Rams.  The lowest grade was a C, with the highest being an A.  He gave the RBs an A-, the offensive line an A-, and the secondary an A.  He gave Sam Bradford, who seemed to lack his normal accuracy and touch, a C and also coaching received a C.  He gave the team an overall B grade.

Rams happy to have the ball bounce their way 

Nick Wagoner, from the Rams official site, had his piece with his initial reactions to the win.  He said luck helped the Rams out a lot on special teams.  He concentrated mainly on the missed FG.  Historically, that would seem to be a way the Rams would lose the game.  The team was happy to have luck on their side for once.

"Something like that doesn’t happen to us," Jackson said. "I was happy to see that kind of bad luck actually happens to others and not just the St. Louis Rams. I’ll take a few more."

"I’m happy for our football team with the win," coach Steve Spagnuolo said. "They are hard to get in this league. Somewhere along the way, I believe things even themselves out."

We’ll take any win we can get," end Chris Long said. "It was a gritty one for sure. We lost last week on special teams and we won this week on special teams so that is just an example to show you how quickly things can turn around."
Michael Hoomanawanui and Al Harris both picked up what seem to be severe injuries.  Early reports say that both will probably be out for the rest of the season. 



Harris and Hoomanawanui could be out for the year

Al Harris and Michael Hoomanawanui both picked up severe injuries to their knees in the win over Cleveland.  Spags expects both to miss the rest of the season.

@STLouisRams: TE Mike Hoomanawanui and CB Al Harris have significant knee injuries. Spagnuolo expects to lose both for the season.

Al Harris would become the ninth CB the Rams put on IR this season.  Yes, your read that correctly... the ninth.

That's all for today.  Have a good one and GO RAMS!!