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Rams Vs. Browns: Brandon Lloyd Highlight Catch And Touchdown

The St. Louis Rams expected to get something going on offense after trading for wide receiver Brandon Lloyd. So far, it's paying dividends. On their second possession of the game, Brandon Lloyd's hands made all the difference for the Rams.

He made this stunning catch to keep the drive alive, a 24-yard beauty from Sam Bradford. Lloyd_medium


Then, Bradford found Lloyd in the end zone to put the Rams on the board. It was just Bradford's fourth touchdown of the season. The Rams used up five minutes of clock time on the drive that bled into the second quarter with the touchdown pass. It was a 69-yard drive with 10 plays, including Lloyd's highlight catch, the kind of plays the Rams have been sorely missing all season.

Bradford is 6-for-9 with 74 yards and a touchdown. Lloyd has three catches for 38 yards and a touchdown.

Here is the video Lloyd's touchdown catch.