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Rams Vs. Browns: Can The Rams Win Two?

Another week, another game. For folks elsewhere around the NFL, this game doesn't have much meaning. The St. Louis Rams and the Cleveland Browns have both been pretty crummy teams this season, for various reasons. For the Rams, it's another opportunity to get a much needed win against a team that they matchup well against, on paper at any rate.

Head Coach Steve Spagnuolo desperately needs a win, a convincing one, to help make the case for his continued employment as an NFL head coach. A loss today would be #32 for Spagnuolo. That would tie him for the most losses by a head coach since the Rams moved to St. Louis. There are eight games left to play, four of those games are against far superior teams. The Rams need as many wins as they get; it's hard to overstate that.

We'll have updates throughout the game, including highlight videos, if there are any.

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