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Fantasy Football: Start Steven Jackson And Last Minute Fantasy Advice

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Sunday morning means out-thinking yourself for fantasy football. You know what I mean, adjusting a perfectly good lineup for plays that sound oh-so-smart this morning, but will look absolutely ridiculous by 6 p.m. Turf Show Times wants to help, and we can start by recommending a certain St. Louis Rams running back that could be in store for a good outing today against the Cleveland Browns.

Cleveland is allowing an average of 144 rushing yards per game, the third-worst total in the league. They are also without safety T.J. Ward, on of the league's best defensive backs in run support. Through the air, they are one of the league's stingiest defenses, allowing a league-low 165 yards per game on average. Add to that Sam Bradford still nursing a sore ankle and steady wind speeds of 25-30 mph in Cleveland, and it figures to be a run-first affair for the Rams. 

Jackson has been running well of late. He has 289 rushing yards in his last two games, and an average of 5.3 yards per carry. 

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