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St. Louis Rams: Another Day



I don't believe in seeking a given level in life. I reach for that next step, the next rung in the ladder. When I think of professional athletes, I can't help but believe that they would never accept failure as all there is to be had, let alone attained.

A loss or win is a point in time, not a brand burned into being. One, two or even ten losses or wins are walls for any team that competes to be the best. A won game has to be re-proven each week of a season. A loss is an obstacle to be overcome, and no amount of hand wringing will make a hand hold stronger as a team tries to climb up out of its self dug hole.

The St. Louis Rams are kind of like the kids in the movie "Holes". Great flick, and if you haven't seen it yet, give it a whirl the next time your in the video store. Like the Rams, the kids in the movie dig holes. The difference between the two is that while the kids dig down for treasure, the Rams are supposed to be digging themselves out to find their pot of gold.

I honestly believe the Rams are trying to win every game. I know for a fact that no one in the Rams organization has any intention of accepting, let alone wanting, losses. Loss after loss is taxing on this teams will, and fans hopes. The media has removed the Rams from their collective consciousness.

The game today against the Cleveland Browns is without drama. Neither team is biting at the heals of the best teams in their respective conferences. As a fan, this may not be the best situation for my Rams, but...

... It's still NFL football. My favorite team will be on the field in Cleveland, and I have transitioned from playoff hopes to wishing for great games. I want the St. Louis Rams to take the field with an eye to playing the game of football like any kid would on a autumn Sunday afternoon. If - for the love of the game - is all the Rams have left to play for this season, I can enjoy the game. The Rams have been missing the fire of a team that plays with a collective will.

Why can't the Rams turn into a spoiler team, sweeping the legs out from possible contenders? My season now revolves around the two games ahead against the San Francisco 49ers, so anything the Rams can do toward the aim of beating them is all right by me. Throw in an upset against Pittsburgh - A run away victory against Arizona next time around... Hell, my season starts now, and each game will be what it will be. We'll be able to evaluate players before next years draft to know who to crown a first round king! Think of the opportunities that lay ahead to compile lists of players from the college ranks? I bet we can find twenty linebackers, and two or three may not only make it to the NFL, but not get arrested before the 2012 NFL Draft!

I'm an NFL fan. I'm a Rams fan! I have waaaaay too much time on my hands don't I?

Enjoy the game!