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Saints Vs. Rams Power Play: Chris Long Second Quarter Sack

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If you want to talk about power play, you have to recognize the work done by St. Louis Rams defensive end Chris Long last week. He and his defensive linemates disrupted the New Orleans Saints' fearsome passing attack by harassing quarterback Drew Brees for a full four quarters. It was relentless stuff.

Long finished the game with three sacks and seven pressures. It was the biggest performance of his career, and just the third time the Rams' defensive end accumulated multiple sacks in a game since being selected with the second overall pick in 2008. 

The highlight of Long's day came in the second quarter, with the Rams hanging onto a 3-0 lead. On second-and-10, Long breezed by right tackle Charles Brown to bring down Brees for a nine-yard loss. On the next play, he swatted down Brees' pass which brought out the New Orleans punt team. Rookie Robert Quinn blocked the punt, and the Rams got the ball on the Saints' 15-yard line. Steven Jackson recovered Greg Salas' fumble on the next play, and punched it in for a touchdown right after that.