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Saints Vs. Rams Game Ball: Steven Jackson

Handing out the Turf Show Times Game Ball of the Week has not been easy this season. Through six games the St. Louis Rams rarely featured many noteworthy performances, certainly not as many as they allowed. This week, you could pick any number of players, but you just can't overlook Steven Jackson who almost literally picked the team up on his shoulders and carried them to a win, a much-needed win. 

Jackson finished the game with 159 yards on 25 carries and two touchdowns. It was the first time Jackson cracked 100 rushing yards since a week 12 win last year against Arizona. Here's another interesting stat. Jackson averaged 6.4 yards per carry in the game, it was the first time since the Rams' lone win in 2009, week 8 against Detroit, that Jackson topped 6 yards per carry in a single game. (Technically he did it with two carries in week 1 this season). 

He also caught four of five passes thrown his way last week for 32 receiving yards. It was his best game as a receiver this season too. 

Of course, the number only tell part of the story. I'd show you the video of Jackson, um, explaining to his teammates, particularly Rodger Saffold, the importance of playing disciplined, but the NFL does not want fans to see videos on YouTube. 

You can at least still see this GIF.